Drive For You. Not For Us.
In the business of ride-hailing, we believe that it is paramount to incentivise and treat our drivers fairly, enabling them to focus on what’s important; providing the best driving experience possible to all passengers.

The DOB system provides you with an endless opportunity for growth so you can secure better incentives for you and your elite driver team.

Run Your Own
At DOB, you control your own destiny. Recruit your own elite driver team and passengers, and secure your income from every successful ride.
Protecting Your
By providing your professionalism services.
Our system guarantee will secure you and your elite driver team interests.
We Are
Team Member
We provide you with training and all the support you need to drive you to your full potential. We seriously appreciate elite and good ethic drivers.
Reliable earnings and support, a carrier that you can be proud to call yours.
Grow your empire
Keep providing you and your elite driver team professionalism services to passengers. Sharing DOB System unique ID and QR code. This will guarantee your team member interests.
Build your elite team
Build your own elite driver team and provide the best chauffeur experience possible. You and your elite driver team will be proud to use our system.
Build your elite team
Every driver recruited by you automatically gets added to your Trusted Friends list. From there, you can entrust your passengers’ orders to one of your trusted drivers on the list and earn incentives from them completing the ride.

Build your own elite driver team and provide the best chauffeur experience possible.

How to recruit a driver / passenger
Step 1
Share your unique QR code
Step 2
Get your newly recruited driver/passenger to download the app.
Step 3
Congratulation ! You’ve grow your wealth to another better stage.
“Since I’ve become a DOB driver, my quality of life has significantly improved. I feel like I’m doing a great deed to serve my customers’ best interests.”
– Lim Kim Huat
Let’s make a difference today!
How can i join as driver ?
Office: +603 2859 9990
Helpdesk: +6011 1097 3685 (WhatsApp/Wechat)

No. 4A, Jalan Jejaka 7,
Taman Maluri, Cheras,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

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